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A story to tell

Founded in 2019, VenFeld entered the renewable energy sector as a customer focused technology supplier. As established entrepreneurs and business leaders, our founders were looking for ways to enhance the quality of life. With VenFeld, linking business and society needs with sustainability is our key focus.

Headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, we are in the centre of an energy transition focused region. We deliver projects worldwide.
By aiming to “Power the Future” we deliver the best possible renewable energy technology for your organization.

We want to make a positive change to society by carrying out practical projects in (under)developed countries. Our purpose is to adapt Virtu® installations on rooftops of local organisations, such as schools, orphanages and hospitals to provide renewable solar energy.

These projects are set up by our project management team and funded by a part of our net profit. By doing this, we create shared value together with our customers by resolving hybrid energy, health and environmental problems. In this way we prevent further depletion of valuable resources within these organisations and are improving the quality of impoverished lives whilst generating economic value at the same time.

A link to our current board of directors can be found here.

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