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Bluedec is a great fire-resistant solution for your solar energy installation. Nowadays, a lot of organizations are facing difficulties with obtaining proper building insurance in combination with a solar installation. This can be prevented.
Bluedec consists of highly flexible and fire-resistant material, which works great for isolation purposes as well. Due to its flexible nature, it can be placed on various types of roofs.

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Problems with insuring your building or managing fire risks in combination with your PV installation?

Imagine you made an investment for a PV installation on your roof. Energy friendly, a return on investment from solar energy you would say. What if your insurance cancels the insurance of your building? There could be a risk to your roof and building if there is EPS or other flammable material present. With Bluedec you can manage this risk safely while keeping your building insured!


With Bluedec, the roof gets a protective layer under the fire risk parts. Whenever a connector, inverter or hotspot creates a fire, Bluedec will prevent the fire from spreading. This way the fire has no chance to reach flammable materials such as EPS or PIR.

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