Supro Cooling

Technology for a better world

SuproCooling takes care of the cooling aspect of your building in a fully environmental friendly way, without the use of F-gases and chemicals. This way, the cooling of your building can meet all modern regulations.

Cooling technology has made great improvements in recent decades, but one problem has not yet been resolved; fluoridating refrigerants. It are precisely the fluoridating refrigerants that make a significant contribution to global warming.

Supro Cooling’s heat-driven heat pumps and cooling systems are a milestone for sustainable and climate-friendly solutions. By using residual heat in combination with adsorption or absorption technology, the electrical energy required for the drive can be reduced by up to 80%. Supro Cooling works excellently in combination with our product Virtu.

As a refrigerant we use water or a natural glycol mixture. Our adsorption materials such as silica gel and zeolite are not harmful and environmentally friendly.

Stricter regulations on fluoridating refrigerants

Due to the ever-increasing cooling demand, companies are facing a challenge. Current cooling systems are electrically driven and equipped with harmful fluoridating refrigerants. Electricity costs for cooling are also a major cost item for companies.

The EU has also decided to tighten policies related to harmful refrigerants. This means that many refrigerants may no longer be used in the long term. The refined objectives of the EU include that companies must increasingly invest in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cooling systems.

Most conventional cooling systems emit harmful CO2 and are large energy consumers. In addition, these chillers are usually filled with fluoridating refrigerants that are harmful to the environment.

European regulations apply to the fluoridating refrigerants: until 2030, all means must be replaced by an alternative refrigerant. The fluoridating refrigerants are phased out according to a specific protocol. These regulations are becoming stricter for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology in the EU.

In concrete terms, this means that many cooling systems may no longer be refilled from 2016. For existing chillers, it means that they have to be converted or even replaced. In the latter case, investments must be made in a new cooling installation.

Is your cooling machine in need of replacement and do you have residual heat, process heat or another heat source? Then it is very interesting to invest in an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and heat-driven cooling system from Supro.

We recommend using Supro Cooling in combination with our Virtu product. Contact us for more information.