What is Virtu?

Virtu is a game changing solar collector which generates both heat and electricity at a high efficiency level. This is performed with one modular product, producing more useful energy per square meter at lower cost than any existing technology, dramatically improving buildings’ performance codes and reducing carbon emissions. Virtu was designed and developed by Naked Energy whose passion drives them to design and engineer the world’s smartest and most efficient solar/thermal energy solutions, to address the enormous energy demand. Naked Energy collaborated with Imperial College London to test the proof of concept and initial prototypes.
In 2020, Virtu received the official Solar Keymark and the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label. These qualifications are met by the highest standards which ensure the product’s quality and reliability to our clients.

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If you want to use residual heat in combination with adsorption or absorption for your cooling, we advise Virtu in combination with our Supro Cooling product.

Why Virtu and not traditional solar products?

The major advantage of Virtu is that it can generate both thermal and electrical energy. The residual heat of the tubes can even be used for cooling. This way there is a single product for all the required energy. On top of this, the level of design, output and space-efficiency is game-changing comparing to older single-source-of-energy products.

Solar Keymark

How it works

Virtu® connects a heat plate with photovoltaic (PV) cells mounted inside the vacuum tube where these cells are maintained at a constant temperature. This constant temperature helps to significantly optimize consistent and efficient electrical and thermal outputs. Virtu® is designed to minimize thermal loss therefore insuring sufficient heat production even in naturally cold climates. Best suitable for situations with (very) high hot water consumption and locations with high solar irradiation, high energy prices or low grid reliability.

Virtu Deltares

Virtu facadeWhy Virtu?

The hybrid Virtu PVT collector replaces two separate conventional panels (thermal and PV) into one compact vacuum tube, dramatically reducing installation time and cost whilst maximizing useable installation area. The ability to operate at higher temperatures opens up large markets, such as:

– Hospitality (hotels, resorts, wellness and leisure centers)
– Apartment buildings and large residential projects
– Commercial and industrial processes in need of large amounts of heat
– Institutions (hospitals, nursing homes and prisons)

Virtu’s advantages over other products in the market:
– The world’s highest rooftop installed energy density solar technology
– Patented high efficiency vacuum tube technology
– Patented heat transfer system, high thermal efficiency
– More useful energy per square meter
– Up to 50% space savings
– Versatile low cost installation (modular, low profile, quick to install)
– Higher energy collection (simultaneous generation of power and heat)
– End users can select to generate more electricity or heat

Some applications, such as solar cooling, require much higher output temperatures. For this reason Naked Energy developed the complementary range of VirtuHOT solar collectors, using the same design architecture and high-performance vacuum technology. When combined with VirtuPVT the unique solution can deliver the optimum balance between output temperature and heat/power generation. The high heat can be used for solar cooling.

For the solar cooling solution, VenFeld works closely with our partner Supro Cooling Benelux.

Become a Virtu reseller

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– Knowledge and experience of solar photovoltaic and / or solar thermal systems
– Established local business infrastructure, network and client-base
– Commitment, dedication and readiness to be successful

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Virtu product flyer
Virtu PVT specification
Virtu HOT specification

Do you require tailored information and calculations for your building or surface? Please fill in this form and contact us with the input.